Sex Therapy

Has sex become worrisome, boring or awkward? Have you lost the “spark” that used to be there for you? Have you lost interest? Is it more difficult to function sexually than when you were younger? Maybe you’ve always had a low desire for sex. Perhaps you’re in a relationship with a mismatch of desire.

Sex therapy can help with this. Most people experience challenges related to sex at some point in their lives. It’s not necessary to be chronically disappointed or frustrated.

Sex Therapy Addresses Questions About:

  • erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting or staying hard)
  • early ejaculation (orgasms too fast)
  • delayed ejaculation (can’t orgasm or takes too long)
  • low or inhibited sexual desire
  • unwelcome or unwanted sexual turn-ons
  • how much porn is too much
  • how much masturbation is too much
  • painful sex
  • unconventional turn ons (e.g. BDSM, fetishes, kinky sex)
  • ethical non-monogamy
  • the use of recreational drugs with sex
  • gender identity and sexual orientation questions
  • swinging, open relationships, polyamory
  • infidelity
  • LGBT identity and expression
  • mismatched sexual desire with a partner
  • sex and spirituality

Sex therapy is another version of talk therapy. There is no sexual contact between the sex therapist and the client. A Sex therapists will work with you to clarify your goals and establish treatment protocols that are concrete and attainable.

If appropriate, outside referrals may be included in the treatment. Coordinating your care is an important part of the collaboration. Working with psychiatrists, primary care physicians, urologists or OBGYN’s, pelvic floor physical therapists and sex educators may be part of the treatment team.