January 30, 2019

Love Lust And Laughter:

Marc Gilmartin quotes the late Jack Morin, PhD: “If you go to war with your sexuality, you’re bound to lose.” Marc Gilmartin is a licensed mental health counselor, and has worked with men with out-of-control sexual behaviors since 2000. “Working with erotically conflicted men: when desire and disgust collide” is the centerpiece of Marc’s work.

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April 2, 2018

Are you concerned about your own sexual behavior in relation to your values? Do you wonder if your sexual behavior is out of control? Are you or someone you love worried that you have a sex addiction? In this podcast, I explain how to  understand if your sexual behavior is compulsive or conflicting with your values. I identify the starting point of sexual behavior problems as the discovery or disclosure of an “agreement breaking process” and I provide a few great examples in three different problem areas. Click here for the podcast

October 1, 2016

I spoke about my specialization: working with adult men with sexual abuse histories, who may be erotically conflicted – often with problematic sexual behaviors. What does “out-of-control” sexual behavior look like? What can compulsive viewing of porn teach a man? How can he integrate this in a sexually healthy way with his partner? In the second half of the program, I discussed the clinical presentations of men versus women with sexual abuse histories. How are the genders typically different? Click here for the podcast

June 28, 2016

Sexual abuse is harmful regardless of the gender of the perpetrator or of the victim. For boys, non-consensual sex is about one in six. One faulty path arrived at is the belief that if any part of it was pleasurable, it wasn’t really abuse. The body is hardwired for pleasure; thus, the victim may believe his body betrayed him. Beginning to get therapy, one male sexual survivor said, “I want to put up a sign that says ‘closed for repairs.’” I spoke about the Kinsey Institute’s dual control model of sexual response I also illuminate a number of pathways toward healing. Click here for the podcast